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Guiding Solutions
Shaft guidings Economical and simple, SKF shaft guides offer unlimited stroke, self-alignment, adjustable preload and high sealing performance. Corrosion-resistant versions are also available.

Profile rail guides Designed for unlimited travel, SKF profile rail guides can with - stand moment loads in all directions. Units are ready to mount, reliable and easy to maintain.

Precision rail guides SKF precision rail guides are available in a modular range. Features include different rolling elements cages, high precision, high load-carrying capacity and stiffness and an anti-creeping system.

Driving Solutions
Miniature ball screws SKF miniature ball screws are very compact and easy to mount.

High precision rolled ball screws SKF rolled ball screws feature several recirculating systems, including long leads for high speed. Suitable for most driving requirements, SKF high precision screws can also accommodate back - lash elimination or preload execution

Ground ball screws SKF ground ball screws combine high precision, rigidity and design flexibility.

Roller screws Exceeding the operating limits of ball screws, SKF roller screws offer high speeds, fast acceleration and extreme precision and rigidity. Backlash elimination or preload execution is also available for increased stiffness

Actuating Solutions
33 Linear actuators Available in a wide range of designs and configurations, SKF linear actuators can handle industrial or health care applications requiring high load capacities, high operating speeds or quiet, aesthetically designed systems.
Telescopic Pillars Featuring Quiet, Robust
Powerful and attractive designs, SKF telescopic pillars are available in a wide range for many applications.

Rotary actuators Compact but able to produce high torque, SKF rotary actu - ators are modular to meet special design needs. Multiple motor options are available.

Control units SKF control units enable application-focused system control, including connections for foot, hand or desk switches.

Positioning Solutions
Miniature slides Combining compact design, high carrying capacity and high running accuracy, SKF miniature slides are easy to assemble and offer long lifecycles.

Standard slides Fitted with SKF standard components, these slides are available in several driven or guided versions, and feature a wide range of strokes and load capacities.

Precision slides Featuring cast iron tops and bases, SKF precision slides are fitted with SKF precision rail guides that incorporate crossed roller units driven by pre-loaded planetary roller screws. Limit switches are available, and the slides can be assembled to form multi-axis systems.

Complete systems SKF can design complete positioning systems using standard SKF components, or we can tailor custom solutions to meet unique application requirements.

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