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SKF Bearings
Recognized worldwide for their superior quality and long service life, SKF ball, roller and plain bearings are the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. Depending on the bearing type, design and size, many SKF bearings are available in four performance classes:

  • Standard
  • SKF Explorer
  • SKF Energy Efficient
  • SKF super-precision
SKF Explorer Bearings
In response to the ever-demanding performance requirements of modern machinery, SKF developed the SKF Explorer performance class of rolling bearings. SKF Explorer bearings reduce environmental impact by enabling downsizing and reducing both lubricant and energy consumption. Just as importantly, SKF Explorer bearings can reduce the need for maintenance and contribute to increased productivity.
SKF Energy Efficient Bearings
To meet the ever-increasing demand to reduce friction and energy consumption, SKF has developed the SKF Energy Efficient (E2) performance class for rolling bearings. Bearings within this performance class are characterized by a frictional moment in the bearing that is at least 30% lower when compared to a same-sized standard SKF bearing.
Engineered Solutions
SKF also offers unique engineered solutions to solve the problems typically found in specific types of applications like electric motors or industries (food and beverage).
Extreme Temperature Bearings
Developed for applications in which petroleum based lubricants are either ineffective or impractical, extreme temperature bearings can be used in either very hot or cold applications. They can also be used in food and pharmaceutical processing equipment without the fear of grease contaminating the product. SKF extreme temperature bearings use graphite, which is baked into the free space of the bearing to act as a lubricant, protecting the bearing from contaminants and reducing environmental impact. High-temperature bearings are also available with graphite paste; or in the case of ball bearings, with a self-sacrificing graphite cage.
Solid Oil
Solid Oil is specially formulated for applications that make traditional relubrication methods impractical. Solid Oil reduces maintenance and environmental impact, and can
  • Supply more oil to the bearing than grease
  • Keep contaminants out of the bearing cavity
  • Eliminate the need for relubrication
  • Eliminate the need for seals to retain lubricant
  • Resist chemicals
  • Withstand high g-forces
SKF Super-precision Bearings
Bearings in the SKF super-precision performance class are designed and manufactured for machine tools, centrifuges, printing presses and other applications that require a high degree of running accuracy and long bearing service life.
SKF Units and Housings
SKF produces a wide range of ball and roller bearing units and housings to meet the needs of virtually any application. Bearing units, which consist of SKF bearings, housings, seals and lubricant, are pre-greased and pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.
NSOCOAT bearings are standard bearings that have been plasma- sprayed with a ceramic coating. The coating acts as an insulator to protect the bearing from the damaging effects of stray electric currents. The coating is then sealed to protect against the conductive effects of water and moisture. Resistance ranges from 50 to 150 MW at a breakdown voltage between 1000 and 3000 V DC.
SKF Hybrid Bearings
SKF hybrid bearings combine steel rings with silicon nitride rolling elements. Silicon nitride is an extremely hard, non-conductive material that provides a number of benefits beyond its insulating properties. SKF hybrid bearings can accommodate higher speeds, run better under poor lubrication conditions, resist the damaging effects of contaminants and last significantly longer than all-steel bearings.





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